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1、只要朝着阳光,便不会看见阴影。As long as you are facing the sunshine, you will not see the shadow.2、尊严来自实力,实力来自拼搏!Dignity comes from strength, strength comes from struggle!3、卑微的梦想持续燃烧,也能成就一段不凡的人生。The humble dream burns continuously, and can also achieve a remarkable life.4、人总是珍惜未得到的,而遗忘了所拥有的。People always cherish what they dont get and forget what they have.5、抬头望着天空,我微笑的张开双手坦然面对未来。Looking up at the sky, I smiled and opened my hands to face the future calmly.6、自己选择的路就是跪着,也要走完。The way I choose is to kneel and finish.7、一个人想要自己活的幸福,首先得给自己一个梦想。If a person wants to live a happy life, he must first give himself a dream.8、没有遇到挫折,永远不会懂得自己的力量有多大。Without setbacks, you will never know how powerful you are.9、弄砸一件事情,就想办法把它做好。If you screw up a thing, try to do it well.10、闲看花开,静待花落,冷暖自知,干净如始。Watch the flowers open, wait for the flowers to fall, cold and warm self knowledge, clean as ever.11、当你停下来休息的时候,别忘了别人还在奔跑!When you stop to rest, dont forget that others are still running!12、懒惰者不知幸福的滋味,勤奋者深知快乐的代价。


Lazy people dont know the taste of happiness, diligent people know the price of happiness.13、今朝有心苦勤奋,明朝一举步青云。At present, the Ming Dynasty is moving forward with all its efforts and diligence.14、最困苦的时候,往往是离成功最近的时候。The hardest times are often the closest to success.15、给予别人成了一种生活方式。Giving others has become a way of life.16、每一件事都要用多方面的角度来看它。Everything has to be seen in many ways.17、宁愿带着梦想前行,也不愿带着遗憾回道。I would rather go forward with my dream than return with regret.18、努力了,便是成功;回报,早晚会来的。Efforts are success; rewards come sooner or later.19、人活着总是有趣的,即便是烦恼也是有趣的。Its always interesting to live, even to worry.20、最有力量的菩萨,就是我们的手脑。The most powerful Bodhisattva is our brains.21、我之所以非常自信,因为自信是免费的。I am very confident because self confidence is free.22、曾经爱他爱的可以不顾一切、现在想想也不过如此。Once loved him can be desperate, but now I think so.23、你是你人生的作者,何必把剧本写得苦不堪言。Youre the author of your life. Why bother writing the script?24、孤独是世纪绝症,我们这代人谁都不能幸免。Loneliness is an incurable disease in the 21st century. Nobody in our generation is immune.25、通其变,天下无弊法;执其方,天下无善教。There is no harmful law in the world if we change it; there is no good teaching in the world if we stick to it.26、业精于勤,荒于嬉,行成于思,毁于随。


Industry is good at diligence, playfulness, thinking and destruction.27、人不应该像走兽那样活着,应该追求知识和美德。Man should not live like a beast, but should pursue knowledge and virtue.28、要收获丰硕的果实,得先种下饱满的种子。To harvest fruitful fruit, you must first plant full seeds.29、每一个人都是独立的个体,独一无二,无法复制。Everyone is an independent individual, unique and unable to replicate.30、静坐当思己过,闲谈莫论人非。Sit still and think about your own mistakes, and gossip is not about human rights and wrongs.31、只要精神不滑坡,办法总比困难多。As long as the spirit does not decline, there are more ways than difficulties.32、烈火试真金,逆境试强者。Fire tries gold, adversity tries strength.33、离愁渐远渐无穷,迢迢不断如春水。Departure is getting more and more distant and endless, which is like spring water.34、小岁月太着急,总让人措手不及。Years are too anxious, people are always caught by surprise.35、梦想和自由一样,都有代价,但都值得。Dreams, like freedom, have a price, but they are worth it.36、昨天所有都已过去,明天未来都要珍惜。Yesterday is past and tomorrow is to be cherished.37、闪光的未必都是金子,而沉默的也不一定就是石头。All that glitters is not gold, and all that is silent is not stone.38、不要老在别人面前倾诉你的困境袒露你的脆弱。Dont always talk about your plight in front of others and expose your vulnerability.39、要相信自己行,最有效的方法就是实际去做一次!To believe in yourself, the most effective way is to actually do it once!40、成功的速度=品德+修养+成熟度。The speed of success = morality + accomplishment + maturity.41、理想一旦被付诸行动,就会变得神圣。


Once an ideal is put into action, it becomes sacred.42、自己选择的路,跪着也要走完。The way you choose, you have to walk on your knees.43、即使跌倒一百次,也要一百次地站起来。Even if you fall a hundred times, you have to stand up a hundred times.44、在还没有人疼你的时候你必须活得像个爷们。You have to live like a man before anybody hurts you.45、懂我的人,不必解释。不懂我的人,何必解释。People who understand me dont have to explain. If you dont understand me, why explain?46、什么都想自己干,这个世界上你干不完。You cant do anything on your own in this world.47、千金难买早知道,万金难买后悔药。Its hard to buy regret medicine before you know it.48、对真理的追求比对真理的占有更为可贵。The pursuit of truth is more valuable than the possession of truth.49、不要向这个世界认输,因为你还有牛逼的梦想。Dont give up to the world, because you still have a dream.


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